Talent Scouting

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Quality Over Quantity

We send you candidates with confidence the profile is relevant to you.
Your first interview should be a hit, not a miss!

Our Recipe

  • Upskilled Talent Team
  • Initial Screening by Industry Experts
  • Informative Summary with Screening Notes
  • Adapting to Your Needs Early
  • Open CV Policy for Trusted Clients

Our Talent team is upskilled in Dev, DevOps, Data Analytics, Security and Privacy.
Initial 30m pre-screening by our Tech Experts ensures the candidates level of expertise.

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Reduce Time Wasted

We work together with your HR and Tech Teams to understand your requirements and blend them early into our conversation with the candidate to provide you what your teams deserve most - a qualified candidate.


Your Time Eaters

  • Over 25% of applicants do not have a matching skillset
  • Over 25% of applicants do not have enough experience
  • Over 25% of applicants do not meet location requirements
  • Over 25% of applicants do not meet language requirements
  • Over 10% of applicants simply do not reply

With us you can focus on candidates that matter!

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